The evolution of Little Tigers Studio is happening! We aren't exclusive to Etsy. Although we love Etsy and it's been here for us as the perfect platform for handmade goods we needed to expand. And, no, it's not easy or fast but what happened once I decided to dive into different channels was amazing. We are able to offer more love all over the place and are going to try our best to make it all work. As a sewing teacher, designer and mommy I go through a lot of clothes as well as make (and don't make) things so I have lots of boys' clothes, pre-loved clothes, new clothes I never wore, vintage, and loads of sewing supplies and fabrics. 

Etsy, eBay, Poshmark, Whatnot, and Kidizen are like giant shopping malls. Our little store gets to be part of it all.  Come by our shops! We appreciate the love no matter what. We also are new to Spoonflower with our fabric designs! Check out the links below:

Where I go on LIVE for about one hour:


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Where you'll find my Kidswear:


Where you'll find my Vintage & New Stuff:

Poshmark Shop

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Where you'll find Sewing patterns, Fabric, and more:


Where you can find custom fabric:


I hope you find something you love!